Florida Trend: Spotlight on Miami-Dade County

This month’s edition of Florida Trend magazine explores the people, companies, and organizations that are driving Miami-Dade County. From real estate developers and law firms to emerging neighborhoods, banks and art museums, this editorial spotlight leaves no stone unturned. Click here for the digital edition, now available online.

In case you don’t have time to read through all 60 pages in the section, we’ve boiled everything down into a CliffNotes version featuring insight from a number of voices in the community.

“We’re not an in-the-box kind of city that you can describe with single words or concepts. It’s a collaboration that cuts across cultures and concepts that make Miami a distinct international city.” – Bilzin Sumberg Partner, Al Dotson

“Downtown Miami’s economic input is bigger than Disney World. It’s really a top economic driver for South Florida.” – DDA Executive Director, Alyce Robertson

“New innovations in transit and infrastructure such as Brightline and The Underline are paving the way for a more vertical, connected future for Miami-Dade. Transit-oriented development is the primary solution in relieving our city’s congestion issues as residents can finally move throughout the region without being tethered to a car.” – 13th Floor Investments Managing Principal, Arnaud Karsenti

Also be sure to check out our firm’s full-page ad (below) and the section’s People To Know page, including our very own Tadd Schwartz.