Downtown Miami’s Rebound


Since 2009, Schwartz Media Strategies has directed the public relations for Downtown Miami’s economic development and marketing agency: the Miami Downtown
dda study 1 Development Authority. From day one, we set out to reverse the perception that Miami’s urban core was awash with empty condos and shuttered businesses, while supporting the Miami DDA’s role as an effective agent for change that is helping to transform the area into a thriving regional and international destination for business, lifestyle and entertainment.

Through a three-pronged approach combining proactive regional, national and international media relations, issues management, and marketing and social media strategies targeting downtown stakeholders and visitors alike, Schwartz Media Strategies effectively debunked the myths surrounding Downtown Miami and, in the process, established the city’s rebound as one of the nation’s most dramatic economic success stories. Equally important, our campaign has supported the Miami DDA’s role as a driving force behind the area’s ongoing economic development, residential growth, and transformation into an international destination for visitors and businesses.

Program Objectives
• Put Downtown Miami on the map as a 24-hour urban district and international destination – an ideal place to live, visit, do business, and entertain
• Support the Miami DDA’s role as an effective agent for economic development and progress in Downtown Miami among both area stakeholders and the general public

Garnering positive media coverage: Since our campaign launched, we have secured hundreds of print, online, and broadcast editorial placements, with coverage of Downtown Miami’s revitalization appearing regularly in the nation’s top print, online and broadcast outlets, including the New York Times, Wall St. Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Reuters, CNBC, NBC Nightly News and the TODAY. Regionally, we have used media coverage as a vehicle for repositioning Miami’s urban core as an attractive place to live, visit, entertain and do business.

Staying top of mind in public arena: Proactive media outreach has established our campaign spokespersons as “go-to” sources available to offer expert commentary on a range of trends and issues affecting Downtown Miami. DDA leadership is now regularly called upon by the media to offer insights, closely aligning the agency’s brand with downtown Miami’s resurgence.

dda study 2Social media and marketing have grassroots effect: Our team has worked with the Miami DDA to create a targeted social media and marketing campaign that functions as a direct line of communication with downtown Miami residents and stakeholders, in turn enhancing the agency’s role as a community resource while at the same time amplifying our campaign messages.