It’s the right time for South Florida

News like Florida’s unemployment rate dropping to 9% in March and the latest housing report that shows home prices in Miami continue to rise for fourth straight quarters are all indicators that our economy continues to rebound strongly.

Sandoval_concert_oliver173As a firm, we are seeing our clients in the commercial real estate sector busy closing high-profile deals, hiring more employees and overall optimistic about 2012 – and we just wrapped the first quarter.

It’s never been more exciting to live and do business in a city that many only get the chance to visit.

With new residential towers like BrickellHouse and mixed-use projects like Swire’s Brickell CitiCentre set to soon rise in Miami’s urban core, Museum Park coming to life and a new freight-train system to begin operating later this year transporting cargo from the Port of Miami – we are building a bright future ahead.

As our economy strengthens, it’s exciting to have a front-row seat as South Florida continues to thrive.

By Yudi Fernandez, Senior Account Executive at Schwartz Media Strategies