Light shows dazzle at the InterContinental Miami

It’s hard to miss the 200-foot tall dancers lighting up the side of the InterContinental Miami. But come closer to the hotel, and you’ll find another light show that’s not to be missed.

As you walk into the main entrance, look-up, and you’ll find a 15-foot screen facing back at you, playing a dazzling display of light and color on loop. The animation, dubbed “You are here,” is the work of the emerging local/international artist Francesco Lo Castro.

Lo Castro created his piece by teaming up with graphic designers at Beeple, who turned his abstract paintings into the kaleidoscope-like videos. The full video is divided into three sections, dubbed Gamatria, Gamete and Meridiana. Here’s a clip of all three:

Robert Hill, the InterContinental’s general manager, has placed an emphasis on designating the hotel a platform for the arts. Lo Castro’s work is not the only one featured in the hotel: five more can be seen inside the lobby, both as single screens and all-encompassing walls.

The installation is bright enough to be seen during the day, so if you’re in the area, be sure to take a peek, or stop in for a drink at Toro Toro and check out some of the other work on display in the hotel lobby.

You can read more about “You are here,” here.