From Consuming to Creating, Miami’s Art Evolution

Miami is a relatively young city that has relied on importing our major art events.  But as our art scene flourishes, investments are beginning to push us from a city that consumes to one that creates.  And, Downtown Miami is at the epicenter.

Welcome to MAGIC


September saw the opening of MAGIC (Miami Animation & Gaming International Complex) at Miami Dade College.  MAGIC provides South Florida with an animation and game design studio that offers two very unique programs – Animation and Game Art, and Game Development and Design.  The school is the only public institution on the East Coast that offers animation and game development – two very niche and traditionally pricey degrees.

MAGIC is an industry catalyst.  By giving the opportunity for students from all socio-economic backgrounds an opportunity, the field has been opened to a new wave of talent.

Students at MAGIC


Animation and game design is used across various industries – including architecture, healthcare, forensics, aviation, advertising, broadcast, etc.  There are currently around 1,500 jobs in Miami-Dade that require an animation, design and/or gaming development degree, yet 80% of the current workforce is being imported form out of state. what is the value of my domain name  The launch of MAGIC will allow Miami to train and retain local talent.

VIACOM Studios
VIACOM Studios


Earlier this week, Viacom International Studios opened an 88,000 square foot studio in Downtown Miami.  “We’ve been building up so much volume of production in Miami, it was difficult to sustain it with third parties,” said Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of Viacom International Media Networks Americas and executive vice-president of Nickelodeon International to the Miami Herald.

The studio is slated to film shows for Nickelodeon, MTV and Comedy Central.  In addition to the 24 full-time employees, the studio will employ hundreds of crew members on a per-project basis.

The two major moves in less than a month signal that Miami is no longer a place where people merely consume art.  We have finally evolved into an area of active creation, growth and development.