The SMS Quarantine Soundtrack: A Round-Up of Albums and Local Record Stores You Can Find Them At


Five weeks in to working remotely, its safe to say the SMS team (and most of the world) has figured out how to #WFH. While many of us have spent weekends binge watching new shows or attending digital happy hours, there’s no doubt we’ve all all turned to music for a little inspo.

In the spirit of  what would have been Record Store Day (April 18), we’re sharing some of our favorite albums and a playlist curated by all of us at SMS along with a guide on how to support your local shops. Many South Florida record stores have transformed their storefronts into online businesses like other record shops and retailers across the country have had to do as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. Here’s how to support our local record stores through this economic and health crisis:


Click here to listen to a playlist curated by the SMS team on Spotify.


“Lady Lady” by Masego: Isabelle Hernandez

My favorite album is “Lady Lady” by Masego. It’s been my favorite since it came out over a year ago, I like literally every song on it and I can listen to it everyday without being sick of it. Masego is a really talented singer and musician overall; I saw him live just after the album came out and it was one of the best performances I’d ever seen, which made me love the album all the more.

“Hunky Dory” by David Bowie: Aaron Gordon

I’m on a Bowie kick right now, so this is a tough call. “Aladdin Sane”, “Scary Monsters” and “Ziggy Stardust” are all contenders, but I’m going with “Hunky Dory”. Bowie wrote the album during a road trip across the U.S., so I’ve always considered the tracks to be his ode to American pop music of the late 60s/early 70s. Favorite track? Gotta go with Life on Mars.

“The Lost Boys” Original Soundtrack: Paula Gomez

I love the soundtrack to The Lost Boys. I go back to it every now and then. My favorite song off this is the “Echo & The Bunnymen” cover of People are Strange. I actually like it better than the original version by The Doors.

“What You See Is What You Get” by Luke Combs: Victoria Cela

I like this album because he has a song for every mood, whether I’m getting ready to go out or doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon.

“After Hours” by The Weeknd: Jennifer Etienne

As of recent, I have been listening to “After Hours” the deluxe edition by the Weeknd a lot. It’s a great mix between his earlier work (“The Trilogy”) and “Star Boy”. I get the sad R&B hits I love with great beats and amazing production value.

“Kaya” by Bob Marley: Allie Grant

Bob Marley – “Kaya” for me. My favorite song right now is “Sun is Shining”. Reggae makes everything feel a little bit better.

“Rush of Blood to the Head” by Coldplay: Paola Colberg

I’ve been jamming to oldies. Lately I’ve been going through my favorite artists first albums and I’ve been reliving Coldplay’s second album “Rush of Blood to the Head”. It’s chill and perfect for a work day at home!

“Carnegie Hall” by Buena Vista Social Club: Yudi Fernández

An oldie but a goodie, these days I’ve been listening to the sounds of Buena Vista Social Club’s “Carnegie Hall” live album. This assemblage of some of Cuba’s most influential musical talents came together to revive the island’s pre-revolutionary tunes. My go-to track from the album is “Quizas, Quizas,” which I’ll dance to with my partner on the balcony while we watch the sunset.

“Causers of This” by Toro y Moi: Samantha Castellanos

I revisit this album often. One of my favorite songs off “Causers of This” is “You Hid” because although its sad, it still makes me dance. A little sad dancing never hurt anyone.

“We Party Like Post Malone” playlist by Spotify: Jaclyn Dadas-Kraper

I usually just listen to playlists. My favorite one at the moment is Spotify’s “We party Like Post Malone.” I also like to throw in some Metallica. I jam out to “Enter Sandman” all the time.

“Homecoming: The Live Album” by Beyoncé: Jamie Honowitz

I love listening to this album because its full of motivational tracks. My go-to is definitely her collab with J Balvin, “Mi Gente”.

“Immaculate Collection” by Madonna: Jessica Goswami

I love Madonna – she’s pushed the envelope throughout her entire career. Her album “Immaculate Collection” is a classic. “Like a Prayer” is one of my favorite tracks – it starts with a rock guitar then goes into a church choir – love all of that craziness.

Tadd Schwartz

Last week we had a Pink Moon and it felt like the right time to pull out one of my favorite albums from the early 70s for the kids. Pink Moon by Nick Drake is one of those records that you put on when you feel like you want to just get in the car and drive until you get to a good place in the Sky. And Pink Moon, with the stark guitar and striking piano solo, always delivers…with a promise of rebirth and renewal. “I saw it written and I saw it say, Pink Moon is on its way.”