SMS Summer Throwbacks


Experiencing unforgettable summers is what the Schwartz Media Strategies team is all about! Throw it all the way back with us, as we take a stroll down memory lane and relive the team’s most memorable summers. See if you recognize the faces below!

You’re not seeing double – Did you know Yudi has a twin?! Look at them hanging out in Cuba, where she’s from!

Who said bucket hats ever went out of style? Vicky cools down with a fresh juice box while hanging out with her fam on the beach! What’s your beverage of choice at the beach?

Once a risk taker, always a risk taker. What was Tadd about to get himself into at camp that summer of 1976?

Allie may have been a little too young to race at NASCAR that summer, but Goodyear did see she showed promise.

Double trouble! – Here lies Karina with her very own identical twin sister. Can you believe the Schwartz team has two pairs of twins?!

Victoria has competition for ‘Best Bucket Hat of the Summer’ as Rafael spends another day at the beach. He’s been a beach bum since day one.

A day on the lake was nothing but giggles with Tori. What do you think was so funny that day on the boat?

There’s nothing like those annual portrait studio photo shoots. Claudia’s always looked ready to take on the world one smile at a time!

“Make sure you get the flamingos in the shot!” Samantha was thinking about her Instagram feed before IG even existed.

Little Paola is all dressed and ready for a day in the sun in San Juan, Puerto Rico. If she could talk all she would say is “¿so… pa’ donde vamos?”

In the summer of 1993, an A-list celebrity, Kelly Magee, caught the attention of a photographer at Martha’s Vineyard magazine. Wrapped in her arms is her beloved Clifford the Big Red Dog. Clifford now resides at Kelly’s parents’ house in the Jersey Shore, along with a framed photo of this issue.

Who’s that blondie in the suspenders? Our favorite former anchor man , Lucas!

Dripping in pink, Valeska spent her summer in the Costa Rican sun! Pura Vida!

Jackie might not only be a supreme softball player, but also a premiere equestrian. How many equestrians wear pink dresses? She was definitely a rare breed!

Can you guess who this is? This isn’t Aaron’s beautiful daughter Lennox, but Aaron himself. Could this be the Schwartz team’s third set of twins?