Where The Wild Things Were

Beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak passed away on Tuesday, May 8th at the age of 83. Mr. Sendak will be most remembered for his book “Where the Wild Things Are.”


Rolling Stone published a 1976 cover on Maurice Sendak – about the author and his “bizarre books that for decades have captured the young at heart and terrorized the fogies of all ages.”  Who could have predicted over 30 years later that statement still holds true.  Maurice Sendak will go down in history as the true king of all the wild things.  “Where the Wild Things Are” was first published in 1963, Sendak died on Tuesday at the age of 83, and his memory and Wild Things will continue to be on the book shelves of generations to come.  Sendak was an author and illustrator who was not afraid to break the rules and give the world something different, we should all be so lucky to embrace our wild side.

The Wall Street Journal penned one of our favorite pieces on the legendary author. Below is an excerpt:

“The book (Where The Wild Things Are) is one of the best known, iconic things about childhood,” said Susan Katz, president of the HarperCollins children’s division, a unit of News Corp.’s HarperCollins Publishers Inc., which published many works by Mr. Sendak. Ms. Katz estimated that there are more than 20 million copies in print globally. (News Corp. owns The Wall Street Journal.)”