Aventura Magazine: Kings of Cool

Kings of Cool

Tadd Schwartz

President of Schwartz Media Strategies

Dad to Siena, 2

“I HAD A GREAT CHILDHOOD. I HAVE SO MANY GOOD MEMORIES, AND I want my daughter to experience some of that. My pops was so cool, and even though he worked hard we would hang out a lot. I pull the same tricks with Siena as my pops did with me. I tease her and love her the same way. I’m very affectionate because of my parents. I don’t know if that makes me cool, but it’s cool to me.”

BALANCING ACT: “I run a public relations firm, and by nature I’ve always been wired tight with my profession. I wake up hungry and focused with a fire in the belly. Then Siena came along and worked herself right into my routine. Emails and phone calls get pushed aside so I can brush her teeth and sing some tunes before school. In my opinion, there’s not one email I can send or call I can make in the morning before I go to work that’s more important than singing ‘Hey Jude’ with my daughter while she gets ready for the day.”

QUALITY TIME: “We like to do stuff together: sing, dance, drive, hang out on the beach, and take trips to Dairy Queen. I’m talking about life. I take her for walks down our street when the sun goes down at night – magic time – and she loves staring at the moon as it follows us. She’s my buddy. My wife’s sense of humor really comes out around Siena. The three of us crack up all the time. It makes me want to have more kids, and I’m proud to announce we’re having a boy in August.”

THE BIG PICTURE: “I want Siena to be as beautiful as her mama – inside and out. I want her to experience as much as she can; that’s what life is all about. Finally: happiness. It’s easy to achieve if you know yourself and are comfortable in your own skin. I hope she gets that from all of us.”

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