Ending the year on a high note (and what it means for you)

It’s not often that we take to our Soundbytes blog to talk about ourselves, but today’s news that our firm has added three new members and a handful of clients across several core practice areas is good news for businesses everywhere.

With 2011 coming to a close, companies and organizations are in the process of evaluating their 2012 budgets. More and more, it seems, we’re getting calls from prospective clients ready to ramp up efforts heading into the New Year.

I have long believed that a strategic communications program entailing media relations, marketing and nowadays, social media, is among the first things prospective clients consider when preparing to pursue new business of their own, launch a product or service, invest in human capital, or raise their profile among a specific audience.

And considering that marketing is a discretionary expense for many companies, an investment in this area means businesses are gradually becoming more comfortable with their bottom lines and prospects for growth as the economy stabilizes.

Think of it as a leading indicator of what should be a prosperous 2012 – and a positive sign for companies everywhere.

Meet our new hires and new clients here.