Meet Florida’s Most Influential Business Leaders


As Florida attracts an influx of people and companies from out of state and overseas, there are countless business and civic leaders whose efforts have laid the groundwork for our state’s economic resilience.

Five hundred of them are spotlighted in 2023 Florida 500, Florida Trend Magazine’s annual compilation of those at the forefront of our state’s largest and most important sectors, including real estate, law, finance & banking, hospitality, art & culture, and philanthropy.

The ‘Most Influential Business Leaders’ of 2023 cover Schwartz Media Strategies’ key areas of expertise — Read on to learn about several Schwartz Media Strategies clients who are fueling Florida.

Karim Alibhai

“You’re only as good as your last deal. This means that no matter how successful you are, there is more to do, and you should never stop learning or advancing in how you think through a project, plan out the future and consider the many different paths that a transaction can take.”

Constance Collins
Lotus House

“We know this model works, and we know that what makes this model so successful is the generosity of our community, stepping forward time and again to make all that we do possible.”

Ugo Colombo
CMC Group

“Never stop competing with yourself. This way, you’ll always be authentic in everything that you do — just at a higher level as time goes on.”

Albert E. Dotson Jr.
Bilzin Sumberg

“I’ve always dream of a Florida that respects cultural differences, celebrates diverse heritages and recognizes the importance of our individual historical journeys.”

Alex Gartenfeld
ICA Miami

“We continue to see an expansion of contemporary art and the inclusion of important traditions and histories.”

Jorge Gonzalez
City National Bank of Florida

“Build relationships with good mentors, work hard and always have a plan.”

Philippe Houdard
Pipeline Workspaces

“As a trend, there has been a strong gravitation back to working in a physical space and being around other people.”

Arnaud Karsenti
13TH Floor Investments

“Wake up early. The early hours are the most productive.”

Alan Kluger
Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine P.L.

“You do not get a second chance to make a first impression. Also, be on time. If you have to arrive early, better to be early than late.”

David Martin

“Focus on your ability to energize others.”

Nitin Motwani
Miami Worldcenter

“It’s about being a part of the community and rolling up our sleeves. It’s not just a business for us. This is our home, this is our community, this is where I’m raising my kids. So we want to be a part of it in a holistic way.”

Dev Motwani
Merrimac Ventures

“When you have that perseverance and fight in you, you can get through almost anything if you don’t quit.”

Peter Prieto
Podhurst Orseck, P.A.

“Take the long view, and work with others who’ll mentor or inspire you. Don’t take a job simply because it pays more if you’re not going to like the work, or the people you interact with. And last piece of advice — there’s no substitute for hard work.”

Leslie Miller Saiontz
Achieve Miami

“Be willing to roll up your sleeves and do the work.”

Tadd Schwartz
Schwartz Media Strategies

“Be present and focus on what’s in front of you.You can only control the here and now. Don’t dwell on the past.”

Greg West
ZOM Living

“It’s very hard to build relationships and be successful if no one ever sees you in person.”