Facebook redesigns pages: what you need to know

Today’s Soundbytes post comes from the newest member of our SMS family: Daniela Vieira, Director of Digital Media. Daniela will be filling us in periodically on the latest trends and best practices for social media, so keep an eye out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

It’s high time for Facebook usage around the globe with the World Cup in full swing, and if you’ve logged in lately, you probably noticed a new redesign for brand pages. Yup, they’re at it again!

7563.Business-Social-MediaFacebook has slowly been rolling out a new design that aims to keep you on your feet. The look is more streamlined, and makes both images and icons larger on your Newsfeed. Last week, I started noticing that some of the pages we manage have been migrated to this format, and here’s some of the top changes that caught my attention:

1) Getting personal: The like, follow, and message buttons have moved into the cover photo area looking much more like the personal pages. Because of this change, the buttons will now affect your cover photo dimensions. Make sure you modify you cover photo if it includes any text, so your message doesn’t get disrupted.

2) More about you: The “about” box is now on the left side making it a bit harder to notice right away. However, this design brings immediate attention to your website, and there’s more room to describe your business.

3) Your apps and custom tabs are still there! If you scroll down on the left side, you’ll notice that they have been moved. In my opinion, that’s one of the downsides of this design. This means you’ll have to promote your apps more in your updates if you want people to see them. Remember to use your app’s direct URL when promoting it.


4) Notes… they’re baaack: If you’re like me, I haven’t used notes in years, if ever. So, whatever you posted a long time ago will now show up in this section. You might want to repurpose some of your blog content here so you keep things fresh.

5) The pages you likes can now be found all the way at the very bottom. I don’t see this affecting company brands much. If you don’t have content here already, make sure you “like” pages that are related to what you do or which are located in your city.