From homeless to heroes, meet the downtown Miami DET team

This past weekend’s Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure brought more than 25,000 passionate people to downtown Miami. It also brought a boatload of trash.

Racing through downtown, I couldn’t help but wonder who would be charged with picking up the tens of thousands of plastic cups littering the streets and sidewalk once the pink cloud of excitement subsided. And this was only one day!

Fact is, downtown Miami is home to more residents, more businesspeople and more tourists per capita than any other part of Florida.

DTBeautificationProject-After1_0With so many people in and out of downtown each day, you might expect the city’s streets to be chock full o’ debris. But in fact, Miami’s urban core is looking spick and span these days, thanks in large part to the members of the Downtown Enhancement Team (DET).

The DET Team is comprised of formerly homeless individuals who have been hired by the Miami Downtown Development Authority (DDA) to patrol downtown’s streets and sidewalks in search of errant wrappers, soda cans and even the occasional wad of gum.

WPLG TV’s Sasha Andrade took to downtown’s streets for an up-close look at the DET team’s work. (click on the image below to view the story)

So the next time you’re in downtown Miami, lookout for the hardworking members of Miami’s DET Team. They’ll be donning their trademark bright yellow shirts. Be sure to say hello…and thank you!