It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s a dancing woman!

What would be Seattle without the space needle? Paris without the Eiffel Tower? New York City without the Empire State Building?

canvasWhen you think of a city, an iconic building or feature usually comes to mind. Miami on the other hand has long been defined by its affinity for the extreme and cyclical building booms. After all, with nearly 100 residential and commercial towers built in the past 10 years, no other city skyline has changed as dramatically as Miami’s.

Last night, Miami took part in another evolution as the InterContinental Miami ‘flipped the switch’ on its 19-story LED canvas, taking the skyline digital. As the sky was illuminated with moving images and spectrums of light, guests, residents, and visitors got a taste of what’s to come – with the InterContinental Miami’s canvas officially unveiling as a fixture in the Miami skyline on December 6 during Art Basel week.

Some might say the new digital canvas is too flashy… pushing the envelope a bit too far. But in a city where change is the only constant, it couldn’t come at a better time.

Deco Drive has the scoop: