Mapping King James’ Nike Spot

Anyone who tuned in to watch the Miami HEAT begin their quest for a 3-peat last night undoubtedly caught the new Nike commercials featuring none other than Lebron James.

Here’s the video, in case you happened to miss it. Don’t worry if you didn’t catch it in real time; we suspect this will play many more times throughout the season.

For all the talk of LBJ taking his talents to South Beach, the scenery in the Nike spots looked awfully familiar to those of us on the mainland. Places like Domino Park, Calle Ocho and Wainwright Park all made cameo appearances.

We’ve even created a handy little map of some of Lebron’s haunts. You know, just in case you want to try your luck in a pick-up game with #6 himself.

lbj big map 2