Opportunities in South Florida’s Development & Investment Landscape


Commercial Observer‘s South Florida Development & Capital Leadership Forum, held on October 11 at The Bath Club, shed light on the resilience of the region’s real estate market and highlighted potential obstacles to growth.

Schwartz Media Strategies helped curate the event’s panelists and served as a presenting sponsor, offering our team insight into the topics that drove a series of panels throughout the day.

Despite hurdles including elevated construction, financing, and insurance costs, South Florida remains an appealing market in the eyes of domestic and international investors who are driving an array of noteworthy developments.

From ultra luxury condos in West Palm Beach to bustling neighborhoods in Miami and Miami Beach, South Florida’s real estate market has never been more diverse in terms of both the product type on offer and the depth of capital flowing into the region.

Even as markets across the U.S. struggle, South Florida demand is persistent among condo buyers and office tenants; apartment rental activity remains strong; and financing is very much available for well-positioned projects and assets, according to developers and lenders in attendance.

Looming headwinds including high housing prices, concerns about the region’s public education system, infrastructure challenges, and mounting insurance costs.

Commercial Observer’s recap offers a play by play of the event, with comments from the biggest names in South Florida real estate and civic affairs, including: