Miami’s changing fast, and Google can show us how

Thanks to the kind technology of Goople Maps, we can see how Miami has evolved over the last seven years.

The tech behemoth’s nifty “Street View” not only allows you to verify you’ve arrived at the right destination, but it also let’s you slide back through time to 2007 (the year Google introduced the feature). What does that mean? We’ve been traveling in time and space without leaving our desks.

In addition to appreciating just how far camera technology has come, we found a lot of new construction, a lot of completed construction, and areas — like Wynwood — that have become completely unrecognizable. Here are a few of our favorites:

1) Skyscrapers get their shells as construction’s wrapped up on Brickell Avenue

1450 from Corner GIF

2) An abandoned Flagler Street goes from shuttered storefronts to restaurants and people on the streetFlagler and 2nd GIF

3) 1450 Brickell appears seemingly out of thin air:

1450 from Corner GIF

4) Wynwood comes alive:

Wynwood GIF

5) Google cheated: One of the evolutions we were most excited to see was the appearance of Museum Park. Unfortunately, Google latest update on that specific corner only takes us to 2014. Here’s a “drone’s eye view” to get a better idea of what the Park looks like today.

Museum Park GIF

6) Mary Brickell finishes construction and gets very packed, very quickly:Mary Brickell GIF

7) Edgewater gets some new condos, and turns a parking lot into a park:

Edgewater GIF

8) “For Rent” signs are replaced with tennants, and pedestrians get better sidewalks in downtown Miamia7ta6

9) From the other side of Mary Brickell, you can see condos popping up left and right:

Opposite Corner Mary Brickell GIF10) What we noticed most in this shot of Biscayne Boulevard is not so much the buildings in the back, but the number of cars in the lot — four years later, we see people:Biscayne GIF

Which one is your favorite? Taken a Maps tour yourself? Let us know in the comments!