Business Leaders Share Habits that Help Them Stay Organized and Focused

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By: South Florida Expert Panel

Becoming a successful business leader is usually credited to several things: confidence, creativity, drive, persistence and people skills, just to name a few. But one factor that may often be overlooked is the set of habits and regular practices that business leaders have developed to ensure they stay on schedule, in focus and on the path to success.

Some of these habits — such as remembering to block out uninterrupted time every week — are deceptively simple, but yield far-reaching results. Others are strategies for tackling the “to-do” lists that every professional faces each day, which for business leaders come with the added complication of making sure the rest of the team’s “to-do” lists are on track too.

Read on to learn what Schwartz-Media Strategies President Tadd Schwartz does stay clear-eyed, focused and on track.

Find your path to complete focus.

I turn to meditation and running as a means to stay focused and organized. It helps me eliminate clutter first thing every morning and focus on one initiative or form of communication at a time, then move on to the next. This process is akin to making eye contact during a conversation — it’s critical to making a connection, and complete focus is critical to accomplishing any task correctly. — Tadd Schwartz, Schwartz Media Strategies