South Florida Business Journal Ranks Schwartz Media Strategies Among Top-10 Public Relations Firms

Schwartz Media Strategies is once again ranked among the top-10 public relations firms in the South Florida region, according to this year’s South Florida Business Journal Book of Lists. This year, we check in at #6 — our highest ranking ever. We’d like to extend thanks to our team members, clients, and friends who have made our steady growth possible over the years.

This year’s ranking is particularly meaningful given what we endured as a firm and community through 2020. The fact that we were able to sustain our business and even managed to grow over the past year is a testament to a few factors.

  • Our team. This wasn’t an easy year. At times it was downright difficult. But we came together as a team to not only ‘get through it,’ but to ‘get better’ amidst high stress levels – at home, and at work. We pivoted to a remote setup from one day to the next and proved to ourselves that we can thrive in the face of circumstances which were unimaginable pre-pandemic. Everyone managed to balance the demands of their personal and professional lives – facilitating virtual school for our children, caring for ill relatives, tending to crying babies and barking dogs while working from home, you name it. We are appreciative of the effort that everyone put into maintaining that balance, and we don’t take for granted how lucky we are to work in a profession that allows us to do what we do safely, from home, while so many others have risked their health for their careers.
  • Our clients. April and May of 2020 were fraught with uncertainty but our focus on clients never wavered. Clients felt more comfortable making decisions, communicating with their stakeholders, and planning for their own futures knowing they had SMS in their corner. We were flexible and understanding when clients needed us to be, and they appreciated that the quality of our service and our attention to their business never let up.
  • The SMS model. Our approach to business has never been about growing quickly or becoming the biggest firm in Florida overnight. Our focus is and always has been squarely on achieving steady growth with a diverse set of clients who value our work and share our commitment to cultivating long-term relationships. This is the model we have pursued since day one, and while the way we work and the services we deliver have evolved over the years, our emphasis on staying diverse and delivering exceptional service remains at the core of what we do. This model has helped us navigate two historic economic cycles during our first 15 years of business, and it’s central to what makes us unique and what gives us the confidence to plan and invest in our own future.