Forecasters predict an active hurricane season. Get your comms plans in order now.

Communities along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf of Mexico are gearing up for what could be a historic hurricane season in 2023. According to hurricane specialist John Morales, above-average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean are fueling an unusually active storm pattern which warrants close attention over the coming months.

It’s only a matter of time before warnings and watches go up, grocery shelves are cleared out, and hurricane parties get into full swing. For PR firms and internal comms departments, now is the time to prepare for an extreme weather event, and that means revisiting – or, in some cases, creating – a storm communications plan.

In Florida, where our firm is based, hurricane planning has taken on added relevance amidst an influx of people and companies, many of whom have little or no experience coping with storm impacts. A similar dynamic is shaping up in cities across the East and South.

While conventional wisdom holds that coastal areas are at the greatest risk of feeling a storm’s full impact, a trend toward larger, stronger, wetter storms means inland communities are no longer immune.

Each year between June and November, our firm is invariably thrust into the role of guiding clients through all aspects of internal and external communications as a storm threatens.

Here are five steps that every PR pro should embrace to ensure their clients are storm ready.