AP News: Small Businesses See Revenue Gains, Hire Workers

With the national recovery in full swing, businesses are beginning to see growth, and are bringing on new employees. Tadd Schwartz, president of Schwartz Media Strategies, spoke with the Associated Press about how the economic growth in South Florida, fueled largely by real estate, has driven new hires at SMS. The story has appeared on ABC News, the Washington Post, and the Boston Globe, amongst other publications.

Here’s what Tadd had to say about new hires at our firm:


The recovery in South Florida’s real estate market and economy has allowed Tadd Schwartz’s public relations firm to step up its hiring. Schwartz Media Strategies usually hired one or two employees annually the past six years, but in the last three months, he’s added three full-time staffers and two interns, putting his payroll at 17.  That’s up from 12 staffers a year ago.

Schwartz has been confident enough to hire before sealing a deal with new clients. He wants to have enough people on staff to hit the ground running when a contract is signed.

“We want to position our firm so we’re not only able to service our clients, but be in a position where we don’t have to say no to the right client,” he says.

Schwartz Media’s revenue is up about 16 percent so far in 2014. If Schwartz lands two or three more big accounts, he says he will start recruiting again.

You can read the full story on ABC News (view as PDF), the Washington Post (view as PDF), and the Boston Globe (view as PDF).