Business Insider: The PR experts fueling Miami’s red-hot tech, real estate, and crypto growth

  • The pandemic sparked a boom in Miami as investors and tech founders flocked south.
  • Fueling the growth are the public relations experts helping tech, real estate, and other growing leaders and companies get their due.  
  • Here are top publicists they’re calling on to become part of the story as Miami’s profile skyrockets

The pandemic sparked a tech boom in Miami as investors and tech founders flocked south from hubs like New York and San Francisco

A viral “How can I help?” tweet from Miami’s mayor, Francis Suarez, helped stoke the frenzy. High-profile newcomers like Founders Fund partner Keith Rabois and Atomic founder Jack Abraham also raved about the city to social followers, drawing more moneyed migrants.

Behind the boom are the publicists who are helping clients become part of the story as Miami’s profile skyrockets. Once the domain of club promoters and celebrity wranglers, South Florida is blending new PR arrivals and longtime power players who are competing in categories like real estate and hospitality awash in new investment. They’re generating headlines, handling influencer relations, matching clients with live events, and helping CEOs navigate Miami’s social and business scenes.  

“This is a town of promoters, and tech companies were still getting approached by nightlife publicists,” said Matt Pressberg, a partner at Silicon Valley-based Vectis Strategies, which opened a Miami office last year. “The arrival of more sophisticated businesses has meant more sophistication in professional-service providers coming here.”

Insider identified 13 of Miami’s key PR players, listed alphabetically by last name, based on conversations with journalists, businesspeople, and clients, and press coverage. Some are native Floridians who have long bet on their home state; others are new arrivals drawn by the city’s energy and possibilities.

Tadd Schwartz, founder and CEO, Schwartz Media Strategies

Tadd Schwartz

Schwartz, who founded his 16-person firm in 2005, is a player in real estate, professional services, and economic development. Blue-chip clients have included Skanska, City National Bank, and Walmart, along with the Lincoln Road BID and Downtown Miami’s development authority.

In a state where relationships matter, Schwartz is also highly networked beyond Miami. “Our focus is squarely on working with companies with business interests in the state and South Florida region,” he said. “We saw the promise of Miami and Florida 15 years ago, and that decision is paying dividends today.” 

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