Coming together around

It was Earth Day earlier this week, so we thought we’d talk to you about a new effort to create more green space in greater Miami.

design-bannerThe GreenLink is an initiative to turn the land under the MetroRail into a contiguous linear park, running from Brickell Station to Dadeland South Station. The group has partnered with Miami-Dade County Parks and Transit departments, and hopes that the added green space will be used as a walking, biking and exercise path by the 400,000 residents who will live within a half mile of it.

How did this idea come about? Meg Daly, founder of Friends of GreenLink, had broken both her arms while riding a bike with her daughter. Being unable to drive, she spent three months moving around on MetroRail. Walking through the bike trails now, she realized just how much green space there was available for use. It reminded her of New York City’s Highline. She started asking: why not do the same?

map-bannerThe initiative goes hand-in-hand with the Miami Downtown Development Authority’s initiatives to make downtown more pedestrian-friendly. GreenLink would add miles of green space to the urban core, and increase public spaces for local use. The initiative plans on partnering with the University of Miami’s School of Architecture

Comparable to New York City’s Highline or Chicago’s 606, the new park would give Miami its own highly visible mobility corridor and linear park that will connect major urban and suburban centers. Moreover, The GreenLink would significantly increase Miami’s green space, and benefit the surrounding areas.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit The GreenLink’s website here, and learn more about Meg Daly’s story here.