For 2023, PR Pros See Rise in Measurement and Data, Authenticity and Trust.

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You may have seen our yearly PR predictions feature and PR Wishes for 2023. So, why are we offering more predictions?

By: Seth Arenstein

As strategic advisors, PR pros must look ahead. Their job includes preparing companies and brands for the future as much solving current issues.

In a sense, PR done well is a long game and it’s never finished. For example, you won’t hear a communicator say,  ‘I completed building the company’s reputation today. And I’ve solved all its existing and future communication issues. Now, I can rest.’

As such, here’s another group of PR-related predictions for 2023, in 100-words-or-fewer. Making this feature more diverse, we include insight from two students who’ll receive their B.S. in PR this spring. We wish them well in their careers and wish all a happy New Year.

Tadd Schwartz

President, Schwartz Media Strategies

There’s an economic storm brewing, with uncertainty in various segments of the market fueling it. The way a brand or company communicates with employees, clients, partners and the public takes on added importance when the economy enters choppy waters. It’s critical that businesses stay visible, transparent and authentic during turbulent times. It’s just as important that communication agencies counsel clients in an honest, no-nonsense manner. Times of unease are when brands should step on the gas with their communication–as opposed to slamming on the brakes.