How will Neil Patrick Harris break the Internet?



With the Oscars approaching this Sunday, there’s been a flood of speculation surrounding Neil Patrick Harris’ vow to top Ellen Degeneres’ celebrity selfie last year, with the goal of once again “breaking the internet.”

From Kim Kardashian’s derrière to Katy Perry’s left shark to Kanye West’s on-stage outbursts, attempts to break the Internet are taking attention away from important issues around the world.

Instead of people focusing on the war on terror and economic turmoil in Europe, we’re caught up worrying about Justin Bieber’s mental state. Going viral may be the gold standard of digital media, but it’s important to find a balance between what matters and what’s in good fun.

Celebrities have the power to influence public opinion and free rein to decide how they want to use it. It’s anyone’s guess how Doogie Howser will top last year’s spectacle, but we couldn’t resist the urge. So the Soundbytes crew got to work brainstorming ideas for how Sunday night’s broadcast may unfold.

Yudi Fernandez

I would love if Neil Patrick would unexpectedly break into a Broadway-style number with A-list celebrities who stroll onto the stage, including George Clooney, Kristen Wigg and Jennifer Aniston.

Jessica Forres

I would love it if NPH would use this opportunity to raise awareness around a particular cause or charity. He could take a selfie of himself dressed up a like a doctor while striking a #KimKardashian pose with a caption asking the world to help end #globalpoverty.


Doogie is going to dress up as the #LeftShark, strike a #KimKardashian pose replete with a cascading waterfall of champagne landing on his dorsal fin, and proceed to fire off a flurry of off-color tweets about Africa, giving birth to a new hashtag: #HasDoogieLandedYet?

Stephanie Seriane-Consuegra

I predict Neil Patrick Harris is simply going to try and top Ellen’s selfie by using a go pro. Who knows how many people he’s going to get this time around…

Alex Sheckman

NPH is going to combine Broadway and television and have a How I Met Your Mother reunion on stage while having a song and dance about the show in the future.

Allie Schwartz Grant

Since NPH played the creepy ex-boyfriend in the nominated movie ‘Gone Girl,’ I think we can expect him to crack a couple “full frontal” jokes about Ben Affleck’s nude scene in the movie…

selfie ellenAlisha Marks Tischler

Definitely going to use a selfie stick to capture as many awkward moments with celebrities as possible



Stephanie Alteta

I think NPH is going to try to top Ellen’s record-breaking selfie by using a selfie stick to take an even bigger group picture.  Maybe he’ll even use it throughout the show to catch some really cool behind the scenes pictures & videos.

Jami Baker

NPH is going to take a picture of himself on stage and put it on the internet for the people to make a meme, because what better way to engage social media than having people create their own content. #NPHrules