Marketing Nostalgia

Remember the days where you had to be sure you were in front of the TV when your show started?  How about your favorite toy you would never put down?  With fresh ideas running dry, companies are bringing back hits from the past, re-purposing them and hoping our fond childhood memories will bring us back to the screen.

Since school is right around the corner, the SMS team decided to take a trip down memory lane and discuss our favorite TV shows and toys from when we were kids (and possibly now).

Yudi Fernandez

full-house-cast-titleI loved watching Full House when I was growing up and I’m excited to see that the show is coming back with a new version. TV today is saturated with reality television, so it’s nice to remake a classic that will highlight family values and is going to give more actors an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Alex Sheckman

rugratsGrowing up, I loved everything on Nickelodeon, but especially Rugrats and Hey Arnold. Unfortunately, none of those are being brought back any time soon. My favorite toy was always Legos. I loved seeing what I could create and rarely followed any directions. The new Lego movie was absolutely hilarious and brought back some good memories for me.

Sofia Calvo

My favorite TV shows growing up were Power Rangers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My favorite toy was My Little Pony.

Alisha Marks Tischler

My favorite TV show when I was a kid was definitely Growing Pains.  I had a huge crush on Kirk Cameron (before he became a creepy Scientologist).   I didn’t really have a favorite toy but I did have a favorite stuffed animal. His name was Sleepy and he had a battery operated heart that beat when you hugged him.

Julia Bennett

maxresdefaultMy favorite TV show growing up was “Hey Arnold” not only because it was entertaining, but because it also wasn’t afraid to deal with real life issues that kids sometimes go through when growing up. While I haven’t watched the show in several years, I hear that it’s now being streamed on Hulu, and I think that I’ll go watch an episode soon for old time’s sake!

Ellie Kay

My favorite show growing up was Friends and Sesame Street. My favorite toy was Barbie (duh).

Jami Baker

snickI guess sitting home on a Friday night has always been one of my favorite activities because SNICK used to be the highlight of my week.  Short for “Saturday Night Nickelodeon” this two-hour lineup had all of my favorite shows. I mean who doesn’t love Clarissa Explains It All? I still get nightmares from Are You Afraid of the Dark? And Roundhouse (the SNL for tweens) was the best! I will always remember sleepover parties with my friends on the floor of my parent’s TV-room with a bowl of popcorn and our favorite chocolate in matching pajama sets.  Not much has changed… who’s up for some Netflix and wine… matching pajama sets still mandatory.

Allie Schwartz Grant
When I was little, I played with my brother’s old matchbox cars from the 70s… I loved them. And today his 3 year old daughter plays with them! For TV shows, I was MAJORLY into Jem and the Holograms… I can’t wait to see the movie!

Aaron Gordon

lego-1Few people know this, but I was the inspiration for Zack the Lego Maniac. I had a massive collection of Legos, reported to be the largest in the lower 48 states. Lego approached me about starring in their TV commercials, but they felt some of the demands in my rider – red sunglasses, jean jacket – were too lofty, so they passed on me. I gravitated toward Lincoln Logs out of spite. Then, a few months later, I turned on the TV to find Zack, festooned with red sunglasses and a jean jacket (see video below). It was an early lesson in the perils of greed. And contracts.

Sally Salado

My favorite shows growing up were Dragonball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh, Rocket Power and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Katherine Doble

Rainbow brightMy favorite childhood cartoon was Rainbow Brite – who doesn’t want a unicorn with rainbow colored hair?!?  I had an entire Rainbow Brite bedroom set including a lamp –   they new how to brand.  (Photo below is not of my bedroom but you get the idea.)  Feeln, a Netflix, competitor announced it was bringing Rainbow Brite back last year but I have yet to see an episode.