Meeting Miami’s future women leaders

Strong female figures, from the ones that I learned about in history class to the ones I’ve had the pleasure to meet in real life, have played an incredible role in my life.

Meeting and learning about women who have triumphed in spite of adversity always motivates me to pursue my own dreams.

Yudi Fernandez and her studentsIn celebration of Women’s History Month, I participated as part of CREW Careers, a program of the leading commercial real estate organization CREW-Miami, in the Women’s Symposium at Young Women’s Preparatory Academy this week.

Spending the morning with a group of 14 6th graders at the school, we talked about the fields of communications and real estate. Most of the students didn’t know what being a publicist or a real estate broker was.

Opening their eyes and piquing their interest in careers they had never heard of before planted a seed that could one day bloom.

There are several women mentors that influenced my career choices growing up, so if any of the women professionals who participated in the symposium, from the brokers, the attorneys, pilots or publicists, sparks the interest of these students that’s a big win for women and for our community.

Group shotLocated in Little Havana, Young Women’s Preparatory Academy is the only all-girls public school in the state of Florida and is home to dozens of intelligent, high-achieving young girls who have been given the opportunity to attend one of the best schools in Miami. The middle and high school program is very coveted with a waiting list of 700 female students.

Each year, the school graduates some of the top students in Miami-Dade that are accepted to top universities nationally and abroad.

There’s certainly truth to the saying: it takes a village to raise a child and this week, I was happy to be part of that village for 14 girls in Little Havana.