Underwater Truth: A dive in Miami Marine Stadium Basin

Today the Miami Herald published an op-ed from the Director of the Miami International Boat Show where Cathy Rick-Joule states that “a scientific study of the submerged basin floor conducted by Coastal Systems International determined that ‘the majority of the Project site was silty sand,’” and she goes on to say that the site is not environmentally sensitive. This is flat out wrong.  Local biologist Colin Foord took video footage of the ecosystem in the Virginia Key Basin recently and found over 30 different species including nine of which are protected by the state. 

The Boat show’s plans call for the installation and removal of 1,000 pilings that will dock up to 800 boats in Miami Marine Stadium basin each year – presenting risks to sea life, coral and manatees that live in that very Basin. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers believes the event may cause “substantial harm” to the island and Biscayne Bay. Attend tomorrow’s County Commission vote on the Boat Show’s DERM permit and tell the commissioners to protect the vibrant ecosystem that exists below the water at Historic Virginia Key Beach.

Can’t make the meeting?  Email your County Commissioners TODAY urging them to protect Miami-Dade’s island paradise by voting NO on the Boat Show’s plan to destroy Virginia Key and Biscayne Bay.

District 1: Commissioner Barbara J. Jordan
District 2: Chairman Jean Monestime
District 3: Commissioner Audrey Edmonson
District 4: Commissioner Sally A. Heyman
District 5: Commissioner Bruno A. Barreiro
District 6: Commissioner Rebecca Sosa
District 7: Commissioner Xavier L. Suarez
District 8: Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava 
District 9: Commissioner Dennis C. Moss
District 10: Commissioner Javier D. Souto
District 11: Commissioner Juan C. Zapata
District 12: Commissioner Jose “Pepe” Diaz
District 13: Vice Chair Esteban Bovo, Jr.