Silver Linings at SMS

We’re deep into our second month of working remotely at Schwartz Media Strategies, and we can say with certainty that the novelty of back-to-back-to-back zoom calls, virtual happy hours, and screaming children making cameo appearances during conference calls has worn off.

Without the company of our work family, many of us – told by experts that we must maintain a healthy work-life balance  – have turned to fitness experts, celebrity chefs, business gurus, and the like to learn new skills and stay active.

That was until our firm’s founder, Tadd Schwartz, brought us back to reality, questioning our need to look to strangers and encouraging us to rely on the knowledge and talents of our colleagues (and those quarantined right beside them).

SMS team members learn how to self-administer a facial massage (virtually, of course)

It was in this moment that our “SMS Silver Linings” series was born. The goal: for each of us to exit quarantine life with new skills, bestowed upon us by people we actually know and respect. It wasn’t long before we began taking stock of our own hidden talents:

  • You’ve always wanted to learn how to play poker? How convenient, because Jaclyn’s husband is a professional poker player ✔
  • Missing those relaxing spa facials? Jennifer moonlights as a licensed esthetician ✔
  • Want to learn how to craft the perfect cocktail at-home? Allie’s husband is a legend in Miami’s nightlife scene ✔
  • Looking for a relaxing yoga class? Look no more, because Isabelle’s sister is a yogi ✔
  • Craving Key Lime pie but have no idea where to get one? Aaron has a family recipe up his sleeve ✔

These weekly sessions have allowed us to stay connected while bonding as a team. That means we’re holding on to the silver lining that if it weren’t for the pandemic, we might never have never learned how to perform a lymphatic drainage facial message or mix Broken Shaker’s “B**ch Don’t Kill My Vibe” cocktail at-home.


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