The Miami Herald: Missteps by Mike Pouncey, Don Jones hamper Miami Dolphins’ effort to repair image


The Dolphins found themselves in the midst of a public relations flub earlier this week, after two key players tweeted insensitive comments in response to Micheal Sam, the NFL’s first openly gay player, kissing his boyfriend on national TV.

The team’s brand has been suffering over the past year, due largely to claims of locker room bullying that were leaked earlier this year. Schwartz Media Strategies president Tadd Schwartz weighed in on the recent incident in a Miami Herald article:

“The Dolphins took swift and decisive action in reprimanding Jones,” Miami-based publicist Tadd Schwartz said. “But you have to ask the question: There are 32 NFL franchises and four pro teams in South Florida, so why is the topic of intolerance still casting a shadow over the Dolphins?”

Schwartz continued: “Look at the Dolphins as a major corporation whose reputation has been tarnished due to one fiasco after another. It gets to a point where the brand is damaged beyond repair.”

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