This year’s Super Bowl advertisers get more buzz for the buck

Schwartz Media Strategies, Miami public relations firm
Quiz someone about the score of a past Super Bowl and you’ll likely get a blank stare. Ask them to rattle off their favorite Super Bowl ads and you’ll open the door to an entire conversation. The images are everlasting (think Mean Joe Greene downing a Coke, Budweiser’s frogs, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird exchanging shots for a Big Mac); the phrases have entered our vernacular (“I love you, man” and “I’m going to Disney World”).

Why do you think 30-second Super Bowl ad spots fetched $800,000 in 1990 and $3 million this year? Hint: it has little to do with inflation.

The dramatic increase reflects the astronomical growth in value attached to the advertisements themselves. As TV news segued to a 24/7 format, the internet picked up steam and social media platforms took flight, the ‘day after’ value of these ads has skyrocketed. Today, many ads are viewed by more people following the Super Bowl than during the game itself.

The credibility generated by round-the-clock media coverage of these ads, coupled with their viral spread via content sharing platforms such as Youtube, Twitter and Facebook, means Super Bowl advertisers are buying much more than a 30-second window of the public’s attention. They’re buying an opportunity to build brand value and mindshare for their company or product over the long term. Today, the value in communicating with your target audience goes far beyond the content of your message; it’s also the extent of the exposure that boosts the bottom line.

That’s why at Schwartz Media Strategies, we maximize the value of our clients’ news by spreading the word through strategic media relations and social media communications.

We’ve selected five Super Bowl ads that we think have the best potential to enjoy lasting buzz over the coming weeks and months. Click below, watch the videos, and see if you agree!

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