5 Tips for Pitching Television

Research, creativity, and social media strategy can turn one television segment into viral online content.  Yet, getting a business on air, especially a non-profit, is not always easy.


The Children’s Movement, a statewide non-profit advocating for higher investments in early childhood healthcare, education and development, benefits immensely from television opportunities.   The recent feature in CBS4’s Focus on South Florida with Irika Sargent gave The Children’s Movement the ability to reach the families they advocate for, get in front of potential donors and speak to the policy makers they are hoping to influence.


To assist our fellow public relations professionals, we are sharing an inside look at how we work at Schwartz Media Strategies.

Top 5 tips for pitching television for public relations professionals

1) Research who and what you are pitching.  Learn how they work and what they cover.  Research will help frame your idea and show producers you know what you are talking about.

2) Visualize the pitch and make the pitch visual.  TV is about the image.  When pitching television explain what the viewer will see.

3) Keep your pitch short and to the point.  TV producers are busy and news reporters need the quick summary, always!  They only have two minutes to report the news so keep your pitch just as short.

4) Know your audience.  No matter what medium you are pitching, know who the viewership/readership is.  A producer will be more comfortable with a pitch tailored to his audience.

5) Pitch with a smile.  People can hear you smile.  Make sure it sounds like you love the story and they should too.