Using Instagram for business

From videos of your cat, to “selfie’s” at the beach, to your baby’s first steps, Instagram is a fun and easy way to share life moments with friends and family. Now, the quickly growing social media network is a great way to grow business.

Instagram is a social network that allows you to post photos and brief 30-second videos. When users open the application, they are greeted with a stream of posts from their friends and pages they follow.

Whether selling bikinis, electronics, ice cream or condos, businesses all over the globe are using Instagram to promote their products and build their brands. Instagram is all about the visuals — photos and videos — a benefit in a world where messages are progressively more brief.

With over 20 filters to make your images look more attractive and professional, the platform allows you to post powerful messages through images using only one app.

These seven easy steps will help make your Instagram feed a hit:

1. Capture a picture-or video-with your mobile or electronic device.
2. Upload it through the Instagram app.
3. Once you have uploaded the image (which takes no more than a few seconds) apply a filter–whichever you like the most–and Voilà! You have now turned into a professional photographer!
4. Add a short description, remembering that witty and creative captions do best on social platforms.
5. Include hashtags*, the more the merrier, just make sure they are relevant to your message. For example:


6. Don’t forget to tag any applicable Instagram accounts that pertain to your message, such as other relevant businesses or individuals.
7. Follow up with any comments questions and concerns your audience may have and respond to them in a timely manner.

If used correctly, Instagram allows you to convey your brand’s message in a concise and creative matter, without needing expensive and complicated technology. Moreover, it connects with clients and customers through a medium that is always with them — their mobile phone.

Lastly, we’ll leave you with a few things to keep in mind when using Instagram:

  • Know your audience, and be sure to cater to and customize your message to your followers.
  • Let your social media audience know you are on Instagram by promoting your stream through other pages
  • Make sure your company profile is set to public, so that fans can easily find it
  • Videos usually receive more likes and comments than photos.
  • You cannot link to a website in the caption of a photograph yet. So, be sure to post your company’s website in the description.
  • Remember to use hashtags — words or phrases preceeded by a hash or pound sign (#) that are searchable, and identify messages related to a specific topic.