What’s a Tweet worth?

With 20+ million people (and counting) actively engaged on Twitter, the need for evaluating the valuye of a company’s investment in the social media platform is becoming all the more important. The challenge: determining ROI from a communications tool whose own creators have found it difficult to generate revenue from their software.

social mediaAs our very own Tadd Schwartz points out in the following Miami Herald Business Monday story, Measuring the Value of a Tweet, businesses on the hunt for a bottom-line indicator that their Tweets are working may be on a fool’s errand. “The number of followers or friends doesn’t matter, but it’s how they communicate with the brand. It’s not a numbers game.”

When working with our clients to develop and execute meaningful social media campaigns, we aim to achieve three straightforward goals: 1) to amplify the effectiveness of our media relations and marketing efforts through engaging audiences online; 2) to heighten the company’s online visibility and; 3) to use social media as a vechicle for showcasing the company’s culture, thereby enhancing the ‘brand.’