Why I Wear A Mask


As we approach month four of the pandemic, the team at Schwartz Media Strategies, like many other companies, has adapted to a new norm. Perfecting our hand-washing regimens, maintaining social distance in public and keeping a face mask handy at any given time have all become prominent in our lives. Individually, we’re taking extra precautions to maintain our own health and protect the ones we love. This is only being reinforced by agencies such as the Miami Downtown Development Authority and Coconut Grove Business Improvement District through efforts to encourage local communities to protect themselves and those around them.

We asked each of our team members why they wear a mask. Here’s what they said:

Aaron Gordon

I wear a mask to help my kids understand how their actions affect the health of others.

Paula Gomez

I wear a mask so my kids don’t miss out on the benefits of having a traditional school experience.

Jennifer Etienne

I wear a mask so that I can hug my parents.

Tadd Schwartz

I wear a mask to save lives.

Paola Colberg

I wear one so that I can protect my baby and family.

Victoria Cela

So I can visit my family’s hometown in Spain.

Jaclyn Dadas-Kraper

I wear a mask so my husband and I can finally go on our honeymoon.

Yudi Fernández

I wear a mask for my daughter to be born healthy.

Jessica Goswami

I wear a mask so that I can travel to new places, meet interesting people, watch my best friends get married, visit my family – and do all of the things I hope to never take for granted again.

Isabelle Hernandez

So that my sister doesn’t spend her first year of medical residency under the constant pressure of responding to COVID-19 – and constant threat of contracting COVID-19.

Samantha Castellanos

I wear one to protect my grandma. I look forward to giving her a big hug once this is over.

Jamie Honowitz

To keep my family safe.

Allie Grant

I wear a mask so my kids can hug their grandparents.