Lighting up Edgewater’s future

How do you make a splash in Miami during the splashiest week of the year?

Last month, we told you about Edgewater’s up-and-coming status as a hip Miami neighborhood. Looking to direct attention to the district, a group of developers fueling the area’s emergence took to the skies during Art Week to make a bold statement.

Using high powered LED lights, the developers created an open-air art installation that previewed the future of the Edgewater community. Running along Biscayne Boulevard between 17th and 37th street, Edgewater will be home to several condos within the next couple of years.

Beams of lights stretched into the night sky throughout the week, marking the future sites of five up-and-coming developments: Biscayne Beach (Eastview Development), Bay House (Melo Group), The Crimson (mckafka Development Group), Icon Bay and Paraiso Bay (Related Group).

In case you missed the installation while dodging traffic on the Julia Tuttle (understandable), here’s a snap of the view that has us dreaming about what’s to come: