State of Downtown goes social

The Miami Downtown Development Authority hosted its first ever State of Downtown event last week, showcasing the growth of the city’s urban core as an international destination for business, culture, residents and tourism.

This is a story we know well given our role as downtown’s public relations firm over the past six years, so we were able to focus on how attendees and the Twitter-verse were taking it all in.

With pop-up exhibits, interactive kiosks and entertainment, attendee’s were hard at work Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming throughout the evening.

Here are some highlights for those who weren’t able to join us:

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We sure do! Completed in 1925, the Freedom Tower is an iconic landmark in downtown Miami with a long history. And just like downtown, the building is reinventing itself once again as a contemporary art space associated with Miami Dade College.

Frost Science Tweet




See that puff of smoke? That’s what’s left of Downtown’s history as a 9-to-5 business district. Today, the streets are alive with activity around the clock, the hotels are among the best in Florida and the restaurants are as good as ever. The new Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science will only add to the city’s appeal.

Venture Hive


Can you spot the entrepreneur? If you guessed ‘all of the above,’ congratulations: your Miami DDA t-shirt is in the mail. Venture Hive, a partnership between the DDA, Miami-Dade County and Miami Worldcenter, is home to dozens of start-ups and early-stage companies from around the world.

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Who said work can’t be fun? #photobooth #bigglasses #alexlooksexactlythesameineverypicture


Andrew Goldberg


Thanks, Andrew! Keep up the good work at the
Arsht Center. Your opening back in 2006 set downtown’s cultural awakening into motion. Amazing that it’s almost been 10 years. Feels like the Center has been here forever.



Biking in a suit will do that to you. Let’s change into something a little more…comfortable.



Now that we’ve worked up a sweat, it’s time to eat — and why not start with dessert? We LOVED the cookies from
Bryan in the Kitchen (and everything else, too — especially the signature “Downtowner” cocktails by Toro Toro).

Vicky Cervantes