Sun Sentinel: Beckham backer moving, but focus still on MLS team in Miami

Earlier this week, Sprint announced that Marcelo Claure, one of Beckham’s partners in bringing an MLS team to Miami, would be taking over as CEO. The announcement also implied that Claure would be moving  from the Sunshine State to Kansas, where the telecom company is headquartered.

What will this mean for Miami’s MLS team? Tadd Schwartz, president of Schwartz Media Strategies, spoke to the Sun Sentinel about the implications — none:

“Marcelo remains completely passionate about Miami, passionate about soccer and he looks forward to bringing a world-class MLS team to Miami with David, Simon Fuller and the team,” said Tadd Schwartz, of Schwartz Media Strategies. “That has been his goal since he started and that remains his goal. Nothing will change.”

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