Tech Trends to watch out for in 2015

Siren Marketing’s Katherine Doble recently presented to the SMS team some of the top trends making their way into our lives. While these innovations offer endless possibilities, many of them are also a little frightening.

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The Maker Movement

One of the big moves in this market is with 3-D Printing. With the 3-D Printing market becoming more affordable, the game for companies is changing. Barilla pasta is creating pasta shaped like roses and marketing it to consumers. And Chinese construction companies are building homes with 3-D printers.

Virtual Realitygoogle cardboard (2)

The concept isn’t new but companies are taking the technology to a whole new level. Ford and Audi are allowing consumers to test drive their cars without leaving the lot. You can also use virtual reality at home with Google Cardboard. The nifty little device allows consumers to download apps onto their mobile devices and instantly be transported onto a roller coaster in the middle of a metropolitan city, or into a brand new Mercedes, or watch a live concert by Paul McCartney. This technology, while amazing, has its pitfalls with users feeling nauseous after using the technology for prolonged periods of time.

Total Market Campaigns

Many companies are beginning to launch ad and marketing campaigns with universal truths. For example, Wells Fargo showed off its new mobile banking app during the superbowl. The ad uses Spanglish, seldom seen in commercials. Instead of using the same commercial and translating them into different languages, corporations are targeting across cultures.


Modern technology useMine Hotel Room (2)d to be a luxury mostly only wealthy people could afford. Today, wealthy individuals are spending mucho dinero to unplug, like booking a night in a former Swiss mine. The interesting concept of disconnecting 5 minutes is starting to gain traction. Popular gym Equinox allows people a safe and relaxed location to meditate and disconnect from the world.