Podhurst Orseck proves bigger isn’t always better

A history of the cases litigated by law firm Podhurst Orseck reads like a timeline of pop culture over the past 40 years.

Countless airline tragedies around the world; Jim Morrison’s alleged indecent exposure in Coconut Grove; consumers being burned by unwarranted bank overdraft fees; and the recent class action lawsuit filed against the NFL stemming from on-field injuries. The list goes on and on.

Robert Josefsberg, Aaron Podhurst, Steve Marks and Peter Prieto
Credit: Miami Herald

Interestingly enough, these blockbuster cases are being managed by a small firm based right here in Miami. With so much focus on ‘big law’ – not to mention the domination of large companies across all professional service sectors – it’s refreshing to know that a boutique firm with 13 attorneys is able to compete for large casework – and win.

Podhurst Orseck packing a punchTheir recipe for success hinges on focus and service. The firm concentrates exclusively on trial and appellate litigation and its size creates a platform for senior-level partners to stay engaged in all cases. This efficient model enables the firm to effectively ‘punch above its weight class.’

Peter Prieto, a partner who oversees the firm’s commercial class action cases, explains it this way to the Miami Herald: “We’re able to fight above our weight class against bigger firms because of technology and the many co-counsel relationships that we have,” adding, “We can compete with national firms because technology is the great equalizer, and we can search through millions of documents without the need of many attorneys searching through documents and billing their clients.”

The David to big law’s Goliath, Podhurst Orseck proves that bigger isn’t always better.

You can read the full Miami Herald story here.