PRWeek: Comms pros on Twitter – 10 more years?

Schwartz Media Strategies’ Partner Aaron Gordon explains to PRWeek what Twitter must do to prosper as it heads into its next decade. 


Twitter marked its 10-year anniversary on Monday. PRWeek asked technology-focused communications executives to weigh in on whether it will last another decade.

Twitter is celebrating its 10th birthday on Monday. The social platform started with a short message by co-founder Jack Dorsey – “just setting up my twttr” – then became a forum for social change, breaking news, celebrity feuds, and, yes, product promotion. It also learned the lessons of going public, with its share price dropping as investors demanded more users and new revenue sources.

PRWeek asked five executives if Twitter will still be around in 10 years.

Aaron Gordon, partner, Schwartz Media Strategies

Every social media platform fears becoming the next MySpace, but Twitter can avoid that fate if it does three things over the next 10 years. First, it needs to keep its current base of active users engaged, particularly celebrities and journalists who shape consumer tastes and trends. Second, Twitter must continue innovating by improving its methods for prioritizing content and integrating new technologies that cater to next-gen users, such as live streaming via Periscope. Lastly, the company needs to rethink its ad pricing, which favors large brands at the expense of small and mid-sized businesses that can’t justify the investment.
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