Did you know: Our favorite facts about Walmart

10479589_10152168055366673_6957409446949499889_nFlorida Trend magazine featured Walmart on its cover last month, in a story exploring how the retailer has been making strides in it’s grocery department. The story was chock full of surprising facts — including this tidbit: Doral, Florida is home to one of the world’s busiest Walmarts.

We’ve rounded-up our top ten favorite points from the story, but let us know if you have any more to add in the comments!

1. During the lead up to the winter Holidays, the Doral store sells 1,000 bikes a day on average. In fact, the store must have 7,000 bikes built before the end of October to keep up with the speed of sales.

2. Doral Walmart is known as one of the busiest Walmarts on earth, and frequently ranks as the #1 store among all domestic and foreign Walmarts.

3. The Doral store is “glocalized.” Unlike other locations, this store has both a full butcher shop and a fresh fish counter in order to satisfy the preferences of Doral’s large Hispanic customer base.

4. Walmart takes serving its Doral customers one step further:  the store’s butcher shop fills orders for whole pigs for roasting during the holidays.

5. After 32 years in the state, Walmart employs 97,222 full-time and part-time employees, who spend $6-7 of every $10 they earn on groceries in the store.

6. Only Texas has more Walmarts than Florida.

7. Walmart has opened 50 stores in Florida over the last two years.

8. On Black Friday, 32,000 customers pass through the Doral Walmart’s doors

9. A typical day at the Doral Walmart sees anywhere between 13-14,000 people, who are helped by some 800 employees representing 73 nationalities.

10. The store even has its own “Latin version of Starbucks,” something no other store in the company has. The cafeteria sits under a mural painted by a Venezuelan artist, capturing the Miami skyline, under the logo, “Save Money. Live Better.”