Beyonce, Britney and Budweiser: Breaking Down the top Super Bowl Ads of All Time

With Super Bowl LIV upon us, there’s been endless office chatter at Schwartz Media Strategies surrounding the most memorable Super Bowl commercials of all time. After all, who needs 60 minutes of football when you’ve got Beyonce and Britney lighting up the screen?

So we used this occasion as an opportunity to dig deep into the archives to reflect on our favorite TV spots of all time.

Tadd Schwartz

The ads that stand out most have so much appeal that they live on as part of the Super Bowl after-glow. Marino, Montana and Diet Pepsi prove this point… and while Marino never made it back to the Big Game, his love for Diet Pepsi still resonates today.

Victoria Cela

My dad is a huge fan of the Budweiser Clydesdales and you can never go wrong with a lovable story about a puppy reuniting with its owner. Also, the Patriots had a very memorable Super Bowl win that year. Go Pats!

Isabelle Hernandez

This made a real point about the way women and girls are stereotyped, set against this hyper-masculine Super Bowl. It was really poignant, and it made me feel like there was more I could be doing to set better examples for those around me when it comes to fairly and accurately speaking about women and girls. I cried the first time I saw it.

Aaron Gordon

This one had it all – creativity, self-deprecating humor, and enough celebrity cameos to make Austin Powers jealous. But most of all, I loved the strength of Amazon’s underlying message: Alexa has become ubiquitous in American homes; we’re totally OK with that; and the technology is – for better or worse – irreplaceable.

Paola Colberg

Google’s 60-second spot that debuted this year made me cry before kick-off! This ad touches close to home for many. As you listen to the old man asking his virtual assistant to remember all the good times he had with his wife, you can’t help break out in tears! This can be anyone’s dad or grandfather and it’s nice to see how technology can bring back so many memories!

Jamie Honowitz

This was my most memorable ad for one reason: the dogs! I love the way they incorporated the pups throughout. The ending was my favorite part, because they have the dogs disguised as customers – so creative!

Gabrielle Garcia

This Budweiser ad broke down stereotypes and societal barriers in such a compelling way, and sent the message that no one is merely “ordinary.”

Valeska Nuñez

Thanks to this Geico spot, every Wednesday is still ‘HUUUUUUMP DAAAY’ for me!

Samantha Castellanos

My favorite is Pepsi’s 2002 commercial featuring Britney Spears. I challenge you to watch it and pretend like you’re not humming along to the tune for the next few hours. It’s iconic.

Allie Grant

Because Drake <3.

Paula Gomez

I love just about anything with Post Malone (except the whole Crocs fiasco), so I’m thrilled Doritos brought him on for a Super Bowl ad this year.

Beginning the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, fans can visit Bud Light’s social media channels to share their input on two different ads, “#PostyBar” and “#PostyStore.” The commercial that racks up the most engagement will air during the Super Bowl. I am fervidly voting for “#PostyBar,” and you should, too.

Jennifer Etienne

I’ve got to go with this 2013 Pepsi commercial starring Beyoncé. Her sheer talent and star power draw me in every single time.

Jessica Goswami

Because SMS will now forever remind me of Bubly (I was introduced to this refreshing sparkling beverage in our office), this is now my favorite commercial.

Jaclyn Dadas-Kraper

My very first media event when I started my career was hosting a pop-up Blackjack game with Budweiser’s marketing team. When I lived in Las Vegas,  I managed the Public Relations for the “Home Away From Home” campaign featuring the Clydesdales, promoting events and meet-and-greets for fans. I loved watching people get excited about seeing the Clydesdales. This commercial brings back good memories because our team had just finished an event right before filming the commercial.

Yudi Fernandez

I absolutely adore the 2011 Volkswagen commercial paying homage to Star Wars. I’m a huge fan of the franchise and thought the moment when the mini Darth Vader uses his force to turn on his dad’s Passat was expertly executed, an iconic television moment. It was also the first time a Super Bowl ad was unveiled before the game, which proved to be a brilliant play for the automaker.